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 Our Services cover the following practice areas: 

California Judgments, Sister-State Judgments & Foreign Country Money Judgments

Enforcement of Arbitration Awards and labor Awards
Enforcement of Bad Debts & Loans
Unpaid Sales of Goods & Services
Mechanics' Liens & Construction Debts
Judicial Foreclosure on Real Property & Personal Property & Deficiency Claims

Landlord Tenant Disputes including U.D. Litigation

Contractual Disputes - Settlement Counsel

Legal Translations (English - Spanish - Hebrew)

Incorporation of Businesses (Inc, LLC, LLP, etc.)

Mediations and Arbitrations

​Recovery of Foreclosure Surplus Funds

Wrongful Termination



Unpaid Overtime

Hostile Work Enviroments

We are dedicated to help our clients to resolve their disputes quickly and effectively.  Every case is important to us and therefore receives personal attention. Excellent service in English, Spanish & Hebrew. Attorney accessibility in your language is the key to our success.

WHEN IT COMES TO COLLECTIONS, WE ARE AGGRESSIVE AND PERSISTENT. We try to quickly locate debtors and their assets. We are dedicated to collecting outstanding debts and accounts receivable in a prompt and professional manner. Being a collections law firm , we do not have to resort to sending threatening and/or intimidating letters to the debtors. Oftentimes, as a direct result of our legal demand letters, we are able to resolve the matter with the debtor in an amicable fashion without the necessity of filing suit. This is because debtors are more responsive and receptive to correspondence from attorneys. However, if the debtor persists in his refusal to pay the outstanding debt, we file suit and take the debtor to court. The ability to file a lawsuit and to obtain a judgment on your behalf distinguishes our firm from the ordinary collection agencies that are not legally empowered to initiate a lawsuit.

Moreover, not only do we have the ability to file suit and obtain a judgment, we also have the ability to enforce and collect our judgments through a variety of legal remedies such as garnishment of debtors' wages and bank accounts as well as levying (seizing) of assets. However, we are flexible in our collection strategy and will tailor the aggressiveness of our collection efforts to the instructions of our clients.

FEES: We can work on hourly basis, hybrid fee basis or 30 % contingency basis.

LANGUAGES: We speak English, Spanish & Hebrew